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“An Amazing Accomplishment!”

Entertainment Weekly Radio

“A Beautiful Nightmare”


“Naughty But Nice”

Hollywood Reporter

“Adds complexity to the theme of beauty”

Film Inquiry

"Amara Cash has crafted one of the more unique films of the year" 


“Unpacks the use of LGBTQ labels.”

Deadline Hollywood

“Amara Cash is an exciting new talent with vision, style, and a twisted sense of humor.”

Inside Out Toronto 

“A brilliant vision for the neon-punk world of millennial fashion design.”


“David Lynch and Wes Anderson had a baby.”

Midwest WeirdFest

“It takes on areas of femininity neglected by the mainstream and as such makes a particularly valuable contribution to the developing aesthetics of 21st Century queer cinema..”

Eye for Film


"Slyly Subversive."

Hollywood Reporter

“My favorite movie of 2019! This indie romance came out of absolutely nowhere, and absolutely floored me with its effortless artistry and original storytelling.”

Geeks Media

“Lawlor and Manning have devastating chemistry with each other. You will not breathe when Maya and Jasmine first kiss or when they first have sex. Every moment between them sparkles with energy and tension. Maya is so adorably earnest and Manning is so sexily detached and it’s a pleasure in every sense of the word to watch them connect.”


“Too interesting, funny and aggressively/transgressively sexy –if there is such a thing these days– to pass by.”


"Amara Cash has fashioned a fascinating love triangle that crosses the border of fantasy role play, internet 

stalking lesbian encounters and drama-dating turned sour."

James Wegg


"Compelling! Whimsical! Epic Third Act!"

Starry Magazine


“Slick and energetic, creatively shot with a captivating soundtrack.”


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